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Joshua Ásberg
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Current Residence: Kópavogur, Iceland
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I don't know if anyone will care about this, or even really why I'm doing this, but frankly, I don't care..

I've finally started writing again. I haven't felt competent or able to write for about a year. My reading really slowed down and I stopped finishing books. In the last few days I've finished two books and started writing a story that I'm thoroughly enjoying. This is combined with the amount of drawing I've been doing lately, after I started to force myself to draw every day. Hugely helpful.

I've had an idea rolling around in my head for a junkyard sci-fi cyberpunk world that I've really wanted to explore and write some stories for.
For the last couple of days, I've been completely enveloped in this world and writing a story inside of it. Ultimately, I want it to be a comic book/graphic novel, which means it will either never happen or I'll have to wait for my artistic abilities to match my demands for this project. I have no hopes of doing the story or the world any justice with the artistic skillset I currently posses. But I'm fine with that. I just want to continue focusing on writing the story and trying to make it as good and interesting as I possibly can.

So far I've written three paragraphs of intro actiontext, which introduces the two main characters of a ragtag group of misfit bounty hunters. This group would essentially be the center of the story. I'm still figuring out the rest of the story, but I have confidence in moving forward.

I'm just going to go ahead and make my first journal entry a long ass one. Here's the intro sequence. 
Keep in mind that this will eventually be a comic book formatted script, so most of the details will be lost, but this is just to flex my writing muscles again and to keep myself entertained. It also makes for a much more interesting read, so that helps.



Matha, a girl who doesn't look older than fifteen, is speeding down the hyperlanes on a hoverbike, clearly outmaneuvering the three men who are attempting to chase her down on their own hoverbikes. Hers is a considerably less substantial bike, obviously built to fit her smaller figure. This just means she has that much more manoeuvrability, despite it being a totally home-brewed rust bucket. The men are obviously very angry with Matha for one reason or another and it shows. Their moves are aggressive and sloppy, which Matha is all too aware of. The four hoverbikers are whizzing by buildings and ducking through narrow clearings between steaming vents and piping. Matha is cutting the corners as close as she can, knowing that one of them will eventually slip up. Making a critical error in judgement at this speed means a sudden and violent death.

Sum Divider, a young man of a non-threatening build, is standing against a wall in a dimly neon-lit alley.  His shoulders hold up a dark cloak made up of a material few people could identify. He brings a cigarette to his lips and lights it, revealing a mysteriously non-human glow in his eyes. His face contains sharp features that more than make up for his size and build. He presses a button on the clunky device wrapped around his wrist, which activates a scratchy holodisplay. It shows three dots converging on one highlighted dot in a maze of various shapes. The display shuts off, he flips his hood up and turns to walk to the end of the alley, into the light. As he turns, a long katana-like weapon is revealed. It doesn't look fancy, but it does look dangerous. Sum gets to the end of the alley and stops. He counts down from three under his breath, while tapping his foot along with the count. When he gets to one, he steps out of the alley. Where he would've stepped into the street, there is no ground. Sum is falling through the air, towards the hyperlane traffic. In a swift motion, he pulls his black cloak tightly around him, vanishing out of sight.

The three men are still chasing Matha through a relatively open area. Her lips curl into a devious smile as she gets a ping on her communicator. They're hot on her tail, but she knows what she's doing. Suddenly, a mass drops onto one of the pursuing hoverbikes, landing perfectly behind the driver, who erupts into total panic. Sum's torso and right arm are revealed out of thin air. He unsheathes his gleaming sword in a gracefully meticulous manner and proceeds to slice the driver almost perfectly in half. His top half goes flying in the wind, down into the dark of the undercity. Sum kicks the bottom half of the driver off and takes over the bike. He immediately pops the flaps open to drop his speed, whizzing back past the other two pursuers. They look on in confusion as he speeds past. Another blur of a figure blows past them in the same direction and they continue to try to understand the situation. *BEEP* They each look down at their bikes to find remote explosives attached to the side of each bike. They look back to see Matha, who has a detonator in her right hand. She smiles fiendishly and flicks the switch.




Any critiques would be amazing, but I'm sure no one's reading this, so I'm not expecting any.

Thanks. I guess.

  • Listening to: Various movie soundtracks
  • Reading: Jim Buthcer's Summer Knight

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